Parents Vote


We have now found out that the NC Department of Public Instruction plans to take nearly half a million of taxpayer dollars from Title V federal grant money intended for "abstinence" education, and fund SHIFT NC's LGBTQ campaigns! They plan to provide $392,218 to SHIFT NC's campaigns to target older teens on social media with the Teen Playbook website, which provides a "guide to safer, sexier choices." The website itself pushes what it calls LGBTQ guides:

Source: NC Shift's "Expand the Playbook" Promoted Website
Source: NC Shift's "Expand the Playbook" Promoted Website

They are also directing money to SHIFT NC's campaign to train NC teachers on "How to Be an Ally" and support LGBTQ education in their districts and schools:

Source: State Board of Education, April 4, 2018

LGBT activists and their entrenched bureaucrats want to tell us that parents should actually be dependent on—and directed by—governments. Their strategy is to go around the parents, by going after their children—all while using taxpayer money to do it. They want to introduce early sexualization and gender-bending ideologies that are confusing to kids, and rob parents of their privacy and rights. Here are just a couple of ways they have gone after our kids:

  • They want to push the Human Rights Campaign's "Welcoming Schools" LGBTQ curriculum that teaches our kindergartners that a boy can identify as a girl.
  • They want to read books like Jacob's New DressRed A Crayon's StoryThe Boy in the Dress, and I Am Jazz, and discuss "gender fluidity" and "identity crisis" to kids as young as 5.
  • They want to train teachers with LGBTQ tools that use hijacked children's images such as the "gender unicorn" to teach children about sexual orientation.
  • They want to teach vulgar sex education curriculums like Planned Parenthood's "Get Real" program, which encourages sexual practices too graphic to even type in this email.
  • In other words, they want to tell parents that they don't have the right to teach their children about their values and sensitive sexual topics.

It's time for parents to sit this one out. The #SexEdSitOut movement exploded. The campaign was founded by moms who were just fed up with the attempts of activists and bureaucrats to rob parents of their right to teach their children moral values and sensitive topics. 

Our www.Parents.Vote campaign targets fed up parents and participants of the #SexEdSitOut, by calling them to go vote early during their #SexEdSitOut protests. We want to get parents to the polls, and our Parents.Vote campaign provides parents with tools to help them get registered to vote, and to vote early.

The Parents.Vote campaigns calls parents to do three things:

  1. SIT: We're asking parents to join the #SexEdSitOut and say NO to the graphic, immoral sex education of our kids. We're asking them to join us in Charlotte on Monday, April 23rd, or host their own #SexEdSitOut event in their local community.
  2. VOTE: We're also asking parents to register to vote, and launching a get-out-the-parents-vote campaign to provide tools that enable parents to find their early voting sites and ballots. 
  3. GO: Finally, we're asking parents to go get out the parental vote, by taking their fellow parents, grandparents, and children with them to the polls.

We want you to protest on April 23rd by participating in the #SexEdSitOut, but that would be meaningless if you sit out the election!

If you're not already registered to vote... April 15th is the last day to register to vote. The most important influence a parent can have on their children's voting habits, and the direction of their schools, is by participating in every election. You can't do that if you're not registered to vote. If you're not already registered, visit www.Parents.Vote/register_to_vote and register to vote. It only takes about 2 minutes!

If you are already registered to vote... Will you join our Parents.Vote campaign by visiting www.Parents.Vote, and learning more about how you can Sit, Vote, and Go?